Our furniture is made of steel barrels. To create our collections also use wood and leather - which are used to perform the selected additives. Furniture barrels are całkowicice safe. Wszytskie edges are protected by special guards. The furniture is light and easy to trasnporcie. This allows you to quickly change the configuration of your system. They odoprne weather conditions - can therefore be used eg. On the terrace of your garden.

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  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistant
  • Unique style
  • Any colour & pattern
  • Any configuration
  • UK Free Shipping

Available options

Change the colors and patterns - choose any materials.

Choose type of materials

Elegant leather or traditional wood. Choose a material that is best suited for your furniture

Options - materials

In any colour & pattern

We will create a set for you. Choose your color and pattern. You can also prepare your own design!

Options - colors

Pub’s & restaurants
Short description about why barrels furniture is great solution for pub’s and restaurants. Short description about why barrels furniture is great solution for pub’s and restaurants.
Offices & galleries
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Barrel furnitures set - top overview
Home & garden
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Company exhibitions
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